Clarinet Lessons

Clarinet lessons at Charlotte Academy of Music are engaging and tailored to each student’s individual needs. We enjoy helping beginning students get started in music lessons. More advanced students are often assisted in preparing for solo and ensemble and school band auditions. Whether you are new to the clarinet or an experienced player, we look forward to working with you!

You will find a multitude of concert opportunities and special events at CAM. Although none are required, we do find that most students make more progress when they have regular performance goals to work towards. Performing also builds a student’s confidence! Ask your teacher which performance opportunities might be best for you. We definitely have plenty of choices!

The Clarinet

One of the most used instruments in the woodwind family, the clarinet is believed to have been invented in the early 1700s but its origins date back to 3000 B.C.! The clarinet has a single reed that vibrates on a mouthpiece. The clarinet is a special instrument because it can be featured in a variety of ensembles. There are about 13 different types of clarinets. The most popular are the Bb clarinet, and the bass clarinet. The versatile clarinet is one of the few instruments used in classical wind ensemble or a big band jazz group. The clarinet’s wide spectrum of sound ranges from mellow low to bright high, which makes the clarinet a dynamic instrument and a joy to play.

student playing the clarinet

Clarinet Lessons

Our clarinet instructor, Connie Beach, holds a Master of Music from the University of Memphis, and has many years experience as a teacher and performer. Connie has a wonderfully relaxed yet enthusiastic teaching style which her students very much enjoy. Students are welcome to choose a lesson length of 30, 45, or 60 minutes.. whichever works best for you.

CAM offers two ways to enjoy clarinet lessons, in person at Charlotte Academy of Music, or online via virtual music lessons. All CAM students, those who have lessons in person at the Academy and those who connect with their teacher without having to leave the comfort of their homes, have access to all CAM events…recitals, special events, incentive programs and more!

Beginning students will learn about clarinet assembly, proper reed position, proper embouchure, efficient breathing, and more. More advanced students will focus on developing proficiency with technique, refined tone, and advanced repertoire.

What's included

  • A Multitude of Performance opportunities
  • Audition Preparation
  • Student Rewards to celebrate accomplishments
  • CAM tote bag and Getting Started Packet
  • Front Desk staff to assist you 5 days a week
  • Inspiring, supportive environment

Taking part in the multitude of opportunities at CAM is important to each student’s success. In addition to weekly lessons, many of our students thrive in our Compass Achievement Program, participate in our many concerts and special events, and work together to help our community through our CAM Cares program.

Our Clarinet Teacher

Connie Beach

With over 35 years of teaching experience, Connie is well-qualified to teach students of all ages and levels of advancement. At Charlotte Academy of Music, Connie has teaches flute, piano, clarinet and saxophone lessons. She has served as an instructor with the University of Memphis Suzuki Piano and Flute School, and is the past president of the Germantown Collierville Piano Teachers Association. Connie holds a Master of Music degree from the University of Memphis.

In addition to being a fine teacher, Connie is an active performer. She has played with the Memphis, Germantown and Charlotte symphonies, and has extensive experience performing in solo, chamber, theater and jazz/pop venues. Before coming to Charlotte in 2001, she performed and taught in Memphis, Tennessee, having performed live and in the studio with Isaac Hayes, Ray Charles, Rod Stewart, and numerous area church and free-lance orchestras, and with the chamber groups Pyramid Winds, Trio Classique and the Lorelei Duo. She was a featured soloist with the Germantown Symphony, performing the Nielsen Concerto and the Mozart Concerto for Flute and Harp with Carrol McLaughlin. In Memphis, she was co-founder and past president of the Memphis Flute Society and past president of the Germantown Collierville Area Piano Teachers Association.

Here in Charlotte, Connie is active in the Charlotte Piano Teachers Forum, has served as Associate Director of the Charlotte Flute Choir, Junior Flute Choir, and is actively performing in numerous other local chamber, theater, and orchestral groups. We are so pleased to have Connie on faculty at CAM.

To learn more about Clarinet lessons, contact us for a studio tour.
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My son took private lessons and was in Glee Club several years ago. We all loved it! The staff was so supportive and the performances were just FUN! We still have friends we made from our time at CAM.

~ Becky